Forget the community, forget the platform, forget Standing on Giants – imagine a group of intelligent, engaged customers helping your business…


Could they help with customer service? Could they tell other customers how to solve the same problems that they’d encountered themselves. Or write guides on setting stuff up so you wouldn’t get so many calls.

Could they help with marketing? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a focus group to give you feedback on costly campaigns before you ran them? When you start a business, you ask friends to recommend you to others, maybe they could do that too.


What about product development? If they’re the users, wouldn’t your customers be the ideal people to test the product. They’d probably have some good suggestions for  improvements too.


Maybe they even sell directly for you? If they did maybe you could give them a little incentive to sell more, and they might even become your best sales channel.


And what about PR, maybe they could help with PR? For instance, they could share their opinion or ideas about what you could do to get good publicity or defend you publicly when things get a bit sticky.

If you had some really smart customers, could they help with technical things? They could suggest technical fixes and maybe do some testing. Hell, maybe they could even build that app that you dreamed of, and without all the cost.



Everything you’ve just imagined, we’ve had community members do for our clients. Community members have suggested products that now account for 90% of sales, created posts that took national media by storm, created solutions that have had over 20 million views a year, reduced CPA to a fifth, etc. You have (or will have) customers that have the potential to contribute value to your business functions in so many ways. You’d be surprised how many customers want to help your business improve – but without a community they likely don’t have a way to work with you. This is where Standing on Giants comes in, we partner with you to create a brand owned community that gives your customers a place to engage with your business. To understand how our brand owned communities enhance different business functions look at our case studies




• Providing fast customer service
• Creating troubleshooting guides and service manuals
• Giving solutions to customer service issues 




• Making technical improvement suggestions
• Coding new sites, apps and bots using open data
• Alerting the brand to technical issues



• Proving commitment to customers and ethical position

• Suggesting PR opportunities
• Defending the brand online and offline


• Creating content to explain the brand and products
• Growing SEO and page ranking
• Acting as focus groups for campaigns



•  Improving existing products through suggestions
• Creating new product concepts
• Testing products, features and services before launch


• Selling on your behalf offline and online • Providing pricing insights
• Suggesting sales strategies and channels
• Helping with customer retention

Do you want to be truely customer centric?

Transforming your customers into your greatest competitive asset and changing the way the experience your company starts with a conversation

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