Podcast Episode 28 is out: Augusta Vivian from Higson

By Lukas on 20 Dec 2023

fun entitlement, a trailblazing Great Aunt, unlimited holiday

Without people you don’t have a business. Higson, are a people consultancy, working with organisations to create progressive work cultures with high productivity and high happiness. Augusta Vivian, is the founder and joins us for this interview where she discusses:

  • How she feels we are all entitled to have fun at work
  • Her personal values of fun, kindness, curiosity, and stubbornness and how her early life shaped those
  • How to go about defining your personal values
  • Her entrepreneurial Great Aunt who broke the mould as a woman on her own in business 
  • Her experience of being told ‘what to wear to be successful’
  • Her work at Higson to help businesses become more happy, productive workplaces
  • The common blindspots that businesses face when creating a positive work culture
  • The real benefit of unlimited holiday vs an annual allowance
  • How to create your company values and design the behaviours within your org to live up to them
  • The importance of practicality and pragmatism with any cultural change work
  • What she’s most proud of in her Founder’s journey
  • How she approaches Strategy at Higson and regularly reviews it
  • The importance of feedback in all directions with radical candour
  • The charities Higson supports with 20% of profits every year 
  • The new phase for Higson: becoming a certified Carbon Literate organisation

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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