How do you need to prepare before your community launch?

The Preparing to Commit workshop covers 3-4 days of collaborative assessment and planning across 13 different foundational areas. It follows on from the work we complete in the initial Purpose and Goals session. Due to the depth of the workshop, we recommend spreading the days out over 2-3 weeks. We will research elements of your business’ infrastructure beforehand to ensure we align our 13 steps with existing elements where necessary.

The 13 business elements we cover…

1. Signposting – awareness & discoverability
2. Acquisition – off-domain activity to attract
3. Platform/Tech – ensuring it’s capable
4. Purpose – exposing and communicating
5. Roles/Accountability – who should be doing what
6. Registration – smoothing the path to membership
7. Communication – how you say what
8. Internal Comms – retaining support and integration
9. Crisis Management – how the community can help
10. Redirection – finding help outside the community
11. Escalation – end to end comms management
12. Answering Questions – how to respond best
13. Member Frustrations – how to deal with them

Why do this session?

It is essential to cover the above foundational areas if you want to ensure your community is fully integrated into your wider business.

The workshop isn’t just beneficial when launching a community, but also if your community has been running for many years. Reviewing your current community’s integration into the business can help you to re-launch, re-purpose and gain new benefits.

It’s helped others on their community launch path…

The Preparing to Commit session with Standing on Giants has helped us to move into the practical phase of revitalising our community. The session’s structure ensured we had all practical bases covered, giving us the confidence and knowledge to implement our new strategy and know what to prioritise, what to focus on and what to expect as a result if any changes we make.

Emma Begg – Product and Marketing Manager – Charity Connect

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