Does your community need a new purpose or re-focus?

What is it?

In order for a community to thrive and provide real benefits to your business, its purpose needs to remain clear. As businesses grow, change focus or experience major events, a community’s purpose can potentially derail. Your community is an organic asset that changes over time. Let us help you re-focus and re-vitalise your community and the impact it gives you.

Why do it?

The primary reason to run this session for an existing community is to combat one (or all) of the below issues:

  1. The community has become chaotic and unstructured (no useful data or brand benefit).
  2. The community has become a graveyard (waste of time and money).
  3. The community attracts misaligned personas (members without skills or engagement matched to your goals)
  4. The community attracts a random mix of members (members feel no common bond and therefore never become collaborative).

Standing on Giants is uniquely positioned to help you define a new purpose of your community, and your goals for it, because we’ve been there and done it. We ensure that you keep focus on what matters, and set realistic timeframes for results

What you get

In this 4-hour session, you’ll receive a clear articulation of the new purpose for your community, aligned with current focus and ambitions within the wider business. You’ll have a set of goals for the community, aligned to current goals for your company.

Your new purpose and goals will provide a high level view of how company and community must work together to achieve success and you can begin to work on more-practical elements of your community relaunch.

How Purpose & Goals has helped others…

“The Purpose and Goals session we had with Standing on Giants was incredibly informative and enabled our team to re-establish a new clear direction for our community. As a result of what we learned in the session, we’re now working on improving our community structure in order for it to give us the most impactful results we can achieve. If any organisation needs help with mapping out their community’s purpose, we would recommend you talk to Standing on Giants”

Emma Begg: Product and Marketing Manager – Charity Connect

Let us help you launch in the best way...