Our solution isn’t one size fits all – that’s not what we’re about. We believe every company is unique, and every customer too. That’s why every community is different. Experience has taught us that creating a successful community is a bit like baking a cake. While they all have different flavours, there are three key ingredients you can’t do without: processes, technology and people. These are our eggs, flour and milk.

And our recipe? We break down the whole process into five easy to follow steps, kicking off with an initial commitment from you, gradually working towards greater levels of customer engagement. Start small, aim high. That’s our motto.


Before we get our hands dirty, we’ll consult with you to see if a community approach is right for your business. If we don’t think it is, we’ll tell you straight, and that’s a promise. Nobody wins if we sell you something you don’t need.

Presuming a community approach is right for you, we’ll get cracking. First things first: we’ll collaborate with your team to understand your business drivers, to ensure the community delivers real value, and to make sure we have a five stage plan for integrating it into your business. Without solid processes in place, you risk missing out on the vital business benefits that customers can bring. You don’t want that, and nor do we.

For everything from customer service to marketing, acquisition and product development, we’ll carefully map each process with your stakeholders. We’ll ensure the new processes match your needs and that current procedures are included. Expect to be challenged, but don’t worry – we’ve done this before. You’re in good hands.


Developed for, and tested by community managers, our platform is designed with end users in mind. It’s super secure, too. We’ve tested it thoroughly to meet the rigorous standards of the banking and insurance industries, so you can trust that your data is safe as houses.

Better yet, our skilled technical team manages the whole set up, customisation and integration process. This means minimal extra work for your own team… phew! And because we’re dedicated full-time to technology, we respond lightning-fast to tickets, updating the platform monthly with all the latest developments.

Our platform is jam-packed with mean features, including: community groups, social integration, scalability and reward features, not to mention an intuitive interface with analytics, reporting and single sign on. Our tech ninjas will work their magic, then we’ll customise the platform with your unique flavour, ensuring it’s bang on brand… presentation is everything!


A community is nothing without its members.

That’s why our community management team focuses on positive education, engaging members to grow their community roles. We want to build relationships, so we won’t treat members like faceless contributors. We’ll treat them like human beings (funny, that) and deal with queries hands-on, sending private messages to strengthen those all-important bonds. Our relentless positivity has a habit of rubbing off, helping shape behaviour so members better support the wider community.

Standing on Giants can provide everything from a full community management team with a dedicated community manager, to support with practical training, recruiting and direct mentoring. Our top-notch team usually manages new communities for the first year – just while they become successfully established. After that, the choice is yours!


Developed by founder Vincent Boon, our award-winning philosophy underpins every element of our solution. If the community is a cake, this is our oven. It might sound deceptively simple, but in reality it takes bravery and trust to follow it – and years to learn how to apply it effectively.


We encourage and reinforce positive behaviour with private and public praise. This creates a contagiously constructive environment and a more thoughtful community.


We give people the space and information they need to help each other, and themselves. We want to create the mutual respect you’d look for in a personal friendship.


We explain all our thinking in detail, treating you and your community like intelligent adults, generating respect and appreciation. Transparency is key.


Community participation should be enriching! That’s why we cultivate feelings of belonging, supporting this with tangible tokens of appreciation from your brand.


We educate, we don’t moderate. This means coaching positive behaviours. We forgive easily (everyone makes mistakes) and encourage people to shape behaviours for the common good.


We communicate openly, often, with honesty and respect. That means talking, not shouting. Being chatty, not formal. Being active, not inert. And most of all, communication should be fun!

Time to start connecting with your members...

Ready to collaborate with your customers and build a better business? It’s a piece of cake.