The Lenovo Legion Gaming Community reached 100K members

By Lukas on 17 Aug 2022

We are 100k!

We are so proud that our Lenovo Legion Gaming Community has welcomed its 100.000th member. This community has been a winner from the very beginning. We are over the moon with everything this community has achieved in just a year and a half.

Just look at these stats:

  • 100k members registered in the first 16 months since launch
  • 73k posts – If you had this many blocks in Minecraft you could build 7 Eiffel Towers
  • More than 21 million post views – 7 times the audience of the biggest Twitch stream ever
  • 54k thumbs up given – almost double the amount of all people playing WoW right now
  • 250k searches made – roughly the amount of searches on Google per month the year it was founded

All thanks to a fantastic partnership – you guys are amazing. To the next 100k. Go Giants!

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