Podcast Episode 15 is out: Sara Roberts from Healthy Nibbles

By Lukas on 21 Jun 2023

We love snacks! Especially in the UK, where 97% of us snack at least once a day. Over half of us snack 5 times a day! On a mission to transform the way we snack in public spaces and workplaces, Healthy Nibbles was founded by Sara Roberts, our guest today. A fiercely impressive entrepreneur and leader, she discusses:

  • How her early life was full of radical moments, including moving to New Zealand as a child and a tragic bullying incident which disrupted her school years
  • How she dealt with frustration and resentment in her early years
  • How she went slightly off the rails and stopped clubbing by the time most people were starting…
  • Learning to have empathy for her bully, and leading with empathy as an adult 
  • Building a truly diverse team around values 
  • Her husband of 30 years and business partner of 20
  • How the idea for Healthy Nibbles came to her in a hospital ward whilst her father was receiving cancer treatment 
  • The unique customer experience of buying and eating a healthy snack at a Healthy Nibbles site 
  • The exciting features of a Healthy Nibbles machine
  • The holistic approach to eating well at work and the need for more education
  • The ‘Wellbeing Windfall’ for employers that prioritise their team sleeping well and eating well
  • How to save £2,000 per annum per employee through healthy snacking 
  • How to achieve ‘High Performance’ with ‘High Safety’ 
  • Health and wellbeing as a strategic imperative 
  • Her tips for moving forward with a programme of well-being and avoiding a ‘tick box’ exercise 

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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