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The Standing on Giants story, our people, vision and values.

Our story begins, as many stories do, with two people meeting in the right place at the right time.

Robbie Hearn and Vincent Boon first met in 2009 on the startup team at disruptive telecoms company giffgaff. Together, they wanted to know what would happen if a company were to place its customers at the heart of everything they do. Through pursuing that question, they developed a revolutionary, community-driven business model.

In 2012, they founded Standing on Giants to take the transformative power of brand-owned online communities to other businesses around the world. We now work with businesses like Airbnb, O2, Tesco Bank and Lenovo to unlock the potential in their customers through community.

Meet the Team

Our team is assembled from over 14 countries around the world. We’re a cohort of community experts, with experience at some of the best community-led businesses on the planet like giffgaff, LEGO, Sony Playstation and Sega. Find out more about the team below!

Robbie Hearn, Co-Founder

Robbie is one of the world’s leading voices on online communities and customer experience. He was on the founding team at giffgaff where, together with co-founder Vincent Boon, he designed a groundbreaking community-led customer experience with no stores or call centres. An advocate for the ‘triple-bottom-line’ business model, Robbie is passionate about business as a force for good in society. Robbie’s focus is on strategic support for our clients, new areas of business growth and industry leadership.

Vincent Boon, Co-Founder

Our visionary co-founder, Vincent Boon, together with Aurelien Poma, was instrumental in building out PlayStation’s first online community in 2006. As part of the start-up team at giffgaff, Vincent demonstrated what an online community could do and brought these learnings to community after community, pioneering a new methodology for community management.

Vincent Boon

Zsuzsanna recsey, CEO

Zsuzsanna has led the Standing on Giants team as CEO since June 2020. Born and raised in Hungary, her career has taken her all across Europe in leadership roles, largely in the financial sector for Barclays and Citibank. Always described by her teams as a ‘coaching-style’ leader, Zsuzsanna went one step further and became a certified career coach in 2015, building a successful coaching business alongside her day job. After working with Standing on Giants in a coaching capacity, she came on board full time to lead the next phase of our agency’s growth.


Business Developer

Alex is, as he would say it, our ‘Business Development guy’. He is known as a keen traveler, a somewhat keen creative writer, an avid hiker, a ‘pretty good’ father, a terrible singer, and a horrible Christmas jumper wearer. Alex has come from the world of advertising and video marketing, where he has spent the last decade. We appreciate Alex for his spontaneous ideas, his dead-pan humour, and punctuality on zoom-meetings.


Front End Developer

Andreas is part of the tech team at Standing on Giants. He works on the front end of our platform, implementing new designs and making improvements to give it a clean and modern look. He enjoys travelling, especially to hot and sunny destinations where he can relax on the beach.


Community Manager

Anna is one of our wonderful colleagues on the Airbnb team. She speaks three languages fluently, which makes her the perfect fit for the multi-lingual community. She would describe herself as a travelholic and chocolate addict (we have witnessed whole chocolate bars vanish within minutes). Anna is a passionate tennis fan who loves swimming and exploring new destinations and cultures.


Head of Solutions

Aurelien has been with Standing on Giants since day one. Previously, he built the European community at Sony PlayStation from scratch supporting 150+ million members globally. As our Head of Solutions, Aurelien leads on all things technology, working with our clients on community platform architecture, development, tools and implementation. He is an avid gamer and runs a personal online community connecting players in a safe and inclusive environment.


Community Consultant 

Darren has been in the community management space for over 15 years. As the first Community Manager for Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert.com, he helped grow to 1.8 million members from a standing start and has since worked with some of the largest community brands in the world. He can speak fluent Portsmouth and can be booked for Cricket/Strictly guest appearances. Just check the small print.


Community Manager

Emilie has worked on many projects not only using her language skills but also contributing through her creative content ideas.  She is appreciated by the team as a solid rock on stressful days and has often proven her resilience in difficult situations with members. Emilie loves to experiment with vegan bakes and cooking, is an avid runner, and leaves lazy days to her two guinea pigs, Cookie and Brownie.


Operations Manager

Emily is our Smooth Operator aka Operations Manager. She works her magic behind the scenes and ensures that the business is running smoothly. She keeps an eye on all processes, projects, and the nitty-gritty that could potentially cause chaos, helping our teams to work as efficiently as possible. In her spare time, Emily likes to paint, read, and cook.


Community Manager

Francesca was born in Italy, but her heart is all around the world. She has a passion for people: she is a community manager, a personal performance coach, and a journalist. Facilitating interactions and helping people become more aware of their strengths is what makes her happy. If you want to make her even happier give her pizza. If you want to kill her add pineapple to it.


Senior Web Developer

Josu helps our clients create their ideal community platform and boy does he deliver! He would describe himself as quite the geek, but also enjoys physical activities and plays in a dodgeball team. He loves board games and is the only Basque-speaker at Standing on Giants. Josu came to London to improve his English, which, in his opinion, he hasn’t yet (we disagree!).


Community Manager

Born in Germany Jules is one of our talented Community Managers and naturally takes care of our German Airbnb community. As a citizen of the world, she loves Japanese food, the history of Chinese writing and the all-American Pepsi Max. Although she has not been to Germany since 2000 she still kept her national virtues – (dark) humour, the use of sarcasm and being brutally honest.


Senior Community Manager

Katie is a Senior Community Manager for the Airbnb account. She thrives on the hard-working, fun-loving team dynamic. She’s an avid reader, a keen traveler, and a big baking fan (her signature is a gingerbread cupcake with lime cream-cheese icing). She is also a Spanish speaker and loves a creative project – from brush lettering to crafting.


Community Consultant

Kirstie is part of the Professional Services team and an expert in all things Community Management. She has been with Standing on Giants for a long time, supporting our communities in three different languages! Kirstie loves music, testing the team’s trivia knowledge with quizzes and games, cycling around London, cooking, and dogs.


Community Manager

Lewys is one of our community managers and a proud Welshman, who had previously been working in marketing. Big on ideas, he loves sharing and discussing them with others. If he’s not reluctantly setting himself a running challenge, he can usually be found reading, cooking, or maybe writing that book he’s been meaning to finish. 


Community Coordinator

Obsessed with dogs and all kinds of food, Liv is an avid reader who loves to sing and dreams of seeing the world. She’s part of our amazing Community Management team and has a background in digital content and strategy.


Head of Community

Lizzie is Head of Community for the Airbnb team and has worked in communities, both off and online, for the past decade. She is a big fan of water activities and likes nothing more than attempting to surf! She also loves to learn about anything sustainable/eco related and has cooked a fair few cakes in her time.


Data Analyst

Lorraine is our very own Data Analyst. She is a through and through positive person and doesn’t worry about things she can’t control. She constantly strives to be helpful. She is a compulsive cleaner and loves to organise things for fun. Lorraine is also an amazing chef, enjoys a long walk and assembling Ikea furniture.


Marketing and Design Executive

Lukas joined Standing on Giants from the world of fashion. He recently became part of the marketing team and is our man for anything Adobe. If you need visuals Lukas is the guy to talk to. As our biggest Diet Coke fan there is no other drink that revitalises him like, what he calls: “canned ambrosia”. Lukas is a passionate dog whisperer with a big fear of squirrels.


Head of Community

Marjo is one of our Grand Masters of Community Management and has held the position of Head of Community at several telco and gaming communities. She likes to spend her spare time playing games, tinkering on websites, and graphic design. She is also a coffee enthusiast and loves her two cats, Arthur & Drake.


Head of Community

Martin has over 15 years of community management and customer service experience. He has been with SoG for quite a few years now and is appreciated as the quiet, hard-working community management expert. He spends his spare time playing video games, watching movies, keeping fit, and spending time with friends.


Community Manager

May is one of our amazing Community Managers. She would describe herself as a travelholic, film buff, and lover of all things pink. We would also describe her as a wonderful colleague who loves to give, share, and support her team in any way possible.


Community Manager

Matthieu is one of our lovely community managers on the Lenovo Legion Gaming team. Originally from France he not only loves cooking French recipes (and some Italian ones) but has also been a hardcore video gamer since he was 15, which makes him the perfect fit. But if you think Matthieu is just a gamer behind screens, be prepared to be tackled – he also has been playing rugby for the past 25 years. 


Community Coordinator

Journalist turned editor-in-chief in print, TV and online media, Nick got a passion for our online communities. He fluently speaks two languages, and can-probably-maybe (?) understand a third. An Apple-geek, who loves consuming media and food, preferably at the same time; total cookie-monster (but somewhat less blue). He thrives on coffee and content.


Community Manager

Before joining Standing on Giants, Patricia used her language skills – she speaks three languages – in a variety of roles, that included teaching, translating, and social media marketing, but she has found her true love working with communities. She loves the beach, coffee, dogs and everything nerdy


Community Manager

Quincy is one of our great CMs and has been with SoG for a number of years. He is an entrepreneurial football enthusiast who doesn’t think physical fitness and good food have to be in juxtaposition with each other. He also regularly amazes with his sleek fashion choices.


Community Manager

Lover of outdoor activities, from cycling to hiking and back, Rafa is part of the Community Management team. Interested in most things creative, he is a music producer and photographer himself, with a soft spot for films, tea and travelling.


Head of Marketing

Rob joined Standing on Giants from the world of social media. He built one of the most engaged social media communities in the alcohol industry at challenger gin brand Sipsmith. He followed this with launching the world’s first restaurant born from social media at Jungle Creations. He is a CIM qualified marketer, passionate vegan and can sing you any song from ‘Les Mis’.


Senior Community Manager

Born in Barcelona (this is a statement). For years, Sergi has worked as a journalist in the television, radio, and press before devoting himself to managing communities. As a lover of sport in general, particularly of running and diving, he enjoys open spaces and being close to the sea, as well as spending a relaxed afternoon with good old friends.


Senior Community Manager

Stephanie came to Standing on Giants after spending over a decade working in marketing and community within the games industry. She uses this experience to mediate some of the more difficult situations in our communities, as well as translate some more social and platform-specific engagement techniques for community developments. She is a proud owner of most consoles and an alarming amount of survival horror games. Mother and reluctant cat owner.


Community Manager

Tamara is one of our community managers and comes from an interior design background. She is interested in psychology and e-commerce. She plays handball regularly and has a huge passion for it. As a water sign, she loves the beach, the sun, and the sea.


Community Administrator

Teri is one of our Community Administrators. She has a background in hospitality, tourism and digital marketing, and is quite content spending time with spreadsheets and reports. She’s a huge theatre fan and serial attender of shows. She also loves travelling, reading and old movie musicals (Singin’ in the Rain, of course, is her favourite).


Community Consultant

Toby has worked at Standing on Giants since its creation. He has helped teams at many of our clients through the community planning process in many different capacities, and doing so brings him joy. Outside of work, he’s your typical nerdy guy from the Chilterns, and is very popular as a trainer and mentor.


Community Manager

Walter is one of our Community Managers. Born and raised in Italy, he devoted his skills and expertise as a lawyer to consumer advocacy and customer service. He is passionate about facilitating interactions between individuals by creating a safe and stimulating environment. Walter is environmentally conscious and tries to preserve nature with an eco-friendly lifestyle.  He spends his spare time on “extreme” gardening on his small balcony, long walks, pixelated video games and his beloved cats.


For People & Planet

We are incredibly proud to be the first online community company in the world to achieve B Corp certification. This means that we sign up to the highest standards of financial, social and environmental responsibility in everything we do.

Standing on Giants is a certified B Corp

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