Podcast Episode 16 is out: Donald Moore from One + All

By Lukas on 5 Jul 2023

One + All make children’s school uniforms, brilliant quality ones too. When you dig beneath the surface at One + All though, you’ll find a seemingly never ending list of ‘little bit radical’ changes and initiatives. 100% employee owned, certified B Corp, pay differential limits, certified carbon neutral…the list goes on and on. It wasn’t always like this though, the man that sent One + All on its journey to being a more radical business is Donald Moore. In this conversation he discusses:

  • How he’s proud of ‘not being very bright’ as it has led him to keep things simple in business
  • His distaste for traditional economics and business schools
  • How he’s always viewed getting fired as inevitable
  • The moment in the wake of the 2008 financial crash triggered a complete shift in company strategy towards a people-centred approach
  • How the shift increased profits five fold as well as customer and colleague satisfaction
  • Employee ownership and how it works
  • How to prevent your business from ever being sold against your wishes
  • His campaigns against ‘fat cats’ and executive pay
  • How they approach ‘reward’ at One + All, giving proportionally more benefits to the lowest paid
  • How supporting their team with financial wellbeing set them up to cope with the cost of living crisis
  • His campaigning on poverty and how misunderstood the issue is, including by B Corp companies
  • The reality of poverty in the UK today, from children pretending to eat at school, to the surprise items that are the most shoplifted
  • How all employers should pay the real living wage, but also take an active interest in what their lowest paid are dealing with on a daily basis
  • How he hates the term ‘HR’

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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