Podcast Episode 42 is out: Andy Shovel from This

By Lukas on 3 Jul 2024

nailing vegan sausages, shocking marketing stunts, getting arrested by Special Branch

Andy Shovel, co-founder of a plant-based sensation, THIS, discusses his journey to entrepreneurship and his radical approach to animal advocacy.

He shares how his early life experiences and relationship with his parents shaped his independent thinking and led him to become a serial entrepreneur.

Andy also highlights his privilege and how important it is for more entrepreneurs and business owners to acknowledge the advantages they’ve had in founding a business.

He delves into his awakening to animal cruelty and the development of plant-based products that taste like meat. Lastly, he discusses the company’s irreverent and controversial marketing strategies.

Andy discusses his approach to using humour in marketing to lower defences and promote plant-based products. He shares examples of controversial campaigns and the challenges of balancing the interests of meat eaters and vegans.

Andy also introduces his new venture, A Bit Weird, an animal advocacy charity that aims to tackle the cruelest aspects of animal treatment. He emphasises the importance of reframing how people see animals and addresses the need for stricter regulations in pet ownership.


  • Independence and a different worldview from his parents shaped Andy’s radical thinking.
  • Entrepreneurship often requires a certain level of privilege and advantages.
  • Andy’s awakening to animal cruelty led him to start a plant-based business.
  • Creating plant-based products that taste like meat requires extensive research and development.
  • The company’s marketing strategies aim to shock and entertain while promoting plant-based food. Using humour can help lower defences and make people more open to considering new ideas.
  • Balancing the interests of meat eaters and vegans can be challenging due to their opposing worldviews.
  • Controversial campaigns can generate backlash, but they can also lead to a net reduction in animal suffering.
  • Animal advocacy should focus on challenging speciesism and reframing how people see animals.

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