Podcast Episode 9 is out: Shelley Macintyre from Allplants

By Lukas on 15 Mar 2023

In this episode, we speak to Shelley Macintyre, CMO of allplants. Shelley is a marketing powerhouse, having risen through the ranks at Unilever and Coca Cola, before joining challenger gin brand Sipsmith. Now at allplants, she’s leading a transition in the way we eat: getting more plants into our diet and reducing ultra-processed food. Allplants is one of the most exciting scale ups in the UK, delivering delicious plant-based meals to people’s doors.  In this episode Shelley discusses:

  • Being a ‘nosy parker’ as a child and how that informs her curiosity as an adult
  • How an incident with handbags prompted her interest in marketing and retail
  • How her children inspire her to be more radical 
  • How the benefit of experience allows her to shoulder the risk of failure
  • Her principles for strong leadership
  • How you build a challenger brand
  • How her little boy provided the prompt to look at her personal impact and career trajectory 
  • How allplants is leading the charge against ultra-processed food in all its guises
  • Her experience in creating behavioural change through marketing and the responsibility that comes with that
  • Allplants’ campaign to fight holiday hunger through ‘Not at School Dinners’ matching donations to provide thousands of meals for school children in North London
  • Her work with WACL and their mission to achieve 50% female representation in the boardroom
  • The importance of mentoring and the value for both mentee and mentor
  • Her passion for volunteering

Want to appear? Email podcast@standingongiants.com

You can listen to the podcast here:

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