Airbnb wins global award with Standing on Giants

By Rob Fawkes on 4 Nov 2020

That’s right! We at Standing on Giants have won our first global award! We are thrilled to announce that Airbnb has been named ‘Best In Class Community’ at the Khoros Kudos Awards 2020.

This is a huge testament to our amazing community management team and the strong partnership we’ve built with the team at Airbnb over the last 5 years.

What are the Khoros Kudos Awards?

Every year, Khoros (formally Lithium) recognises communities which have achieved exceptional results, generated growth for their parent company and helped them achieve their mission.

The competition is always fierce and this year, our entry for Airbnb has been selected ahead of 90+ other brilliant communities from the likes of Adobe, Bosch, Google, HP, Cisco and EE. Being selected involved a two-stage process, starting with a public vote and then evaluation by an expert panel of community leaders.

Our first global award

Whilst we have always felt confident in our work and the value we bring our clients, this is a great moment to step back and celebrate the fact that we have been recognised in such a significant way.

The Complete Community Solution

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