Heineken: Building a thriving employee community for Data Stars

Heineken approached us to launch an employee community for their data and analytics talent. Named Data Stars, the programme applies our community engagement methodology to the Microsoft Teams platform. Proving to be a huge success with Data Stars Americas, the programme is expanding across the Heineken business using our Community Knowledge and Community Management services. 

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The Data Stars community sets a fantastic example for the rest of the company.

Caio Barcala, Regional Data Lead, Americas, Heineken

drivING collaboration, knowledge sharing, and belonging

With an ambitious plan for data transformation, Heineken recognised that a culture of collaboration was required to scale solutions quickly. They looked to the community to foster this culture, and provide the channels to implement it.

Operating in 85 countries, in a hybrid environment, had led to many data professionals feeling isolated and disengaged. They wanted to improve employee engagement, enjoyment, and belonging. 

The community has allowed Heineken to improve local data manager onboarding, provided an effective channel for exchanging experience and advice, and has improved overall Data Quality Scores across regions.

‘I’m super excited about the journey we’re going on together. We see enormous value in anchoring the work of our colleagues in a community. Making their lives more enjoyable and sharing best practices will allow us to go much faster as a company.’

Elizabeth Osta, Director Data Management, Heineken

Helping Data move faster

The community helps the Data teams to quickly answer each other’s questions, share learnings, challenges and collaborate closely. Teams in Brazil and Mexico have co-created AI tools to clean customer records. This has led to data quality improvements of 47%+. One region went from the lowest overall data quality at Heineken, to the highest. 

Data quality improvement after community co-created project deployed
Customer records cleaned by community created AI tool in Brazil
Co-created AI tools deployed across company to improve data quality

Standing on Giants keep our community alive.

Caio Barcala, Regional Data Lead, Americas, Heineken

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