Meet the Pets of Standing on Giants

By Rob Fawkes on 27 May 2022

A man’s best friend does not necessarily have to be a dog. We asked our team what their work and living companions are like. Behold the pets of Standing on Giants. Some furry, some vicious, some lazy but all in all very good workers. Sit back and see the experts in community fluffiness – in no particular order. 


She is very new to the company and only on her probation. In fact, it is her first week. So far we are confident that she will do a good job and become a valuable team member in the future. 

Winnie (the Pooh)

One of our newest team members Winnie stole hearts with her cheeky over the shoulder puppy eyes. You can tell that she is an aspiring model and we are sure you will soon see her on all the covers. She may look like a little lady but she has the heart of a wolf. 


Gaming specialist and co-head-of-community at the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community. You would think that being an avid gamer would make you a couch potato but this little tiger is just the opposite. Very bendy, very agile and gifted with a lovely singing voice (best heard over zoom).

Jezebel, Peabody and Wookie

The holy trinity! They are part of our fur-midable community management team. Especially with Jezebel there is no kitten around. Task sharing is key – one does cute eyes, one does the rubbing against you and one does the hissing. 


You think Barney is a purple dinosaur? Think again. Barney is part of our lovely consultancy team and one of his predictions for the future is that this jammy dodger will not stand a chance. For more tasty advice call Barney in his office Monday to Friday or arrange a zoomies meeting.


If Mondays were a cat it would be Tricky. You can tell he will not take ‘no’ for an answer. Tricky gets the job done and does not need to put on a happy face for anyone. Tricky helps by lying on the keyboard and only using the litter box during working hours. If you want to see some of his extraordinary work, head over to the Airbnb Community. 

Ginger & Gorgeous

If we are completely honest the productivity levels of these two leave nothing to be desired. Kneading, purring and sharpening claws on soft furnishings – they do it all. They are also experts in telecommunication – in the O2 community of course!

Cookie & Brownie

Fluent in French and often referred to as the Frodo and Sam of the company. Nothing gets between those two. At Standing on Giants the cute duo do not face a ring or mount doom but they are two of our Senior Community Managers. 


This is Ichigo telling the team off after not enough fresh milk was provided by the coffee maker. How dare they. Apart from her love for a dairy-based refreshment, she is actually a lovely host on the Airbnb community. Just make sure the fridge is stocked – we are serious.

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