Our B Corp Impact Report 2021/22

By Lukas on 24 Aug 2022

We’re celebrating two years of being a b corp!

Our second year as a B Corp and so much has happened so here we want to publish our second ever Impact Report as we are celebrating being a certified B Corp. 

Here are just some of the highlights from the past year:

  • We have created 12 new jobs and had 12 internal promotions and job changes
  • We added another B Corp client to our roster, another B Corp Supplier and provided consultancy to the B Lab
  • Our B Corp Speed Dating events grew beyond what we ever hoped to achieve
  • We are supporting our team’s financial wellbeing with Octopus Moneycoach
  • We are in the top 1% of organisation to work for in Escape the City’s annual review
  • We formed the Standing on Giants leadership team. Made up of 12 department heads and managers, we invested into this group so that they can take ownership and accountability for their business areas equipped with strong leadership skills.

And that is not all, have a look below to see everything that happened in a year…

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