In 2009, customer experience specialist Robbie Hearn met communities expert Vincent Boon on the start-up team at disruptive telecoms company giffgaff. Together, they had a question: what would happen if brands put customers at the heart of their business? To find out, Robbie and Vincent developed a revolutionary community-driven business model.

Their collaborative approach was very successful and giffgaff’s parent company Telefónica commissioned Robbie and Vincent to apply the same model to their brands around the globe. Following a management buyout in 2016, Vincent and Robbie were free to take their vision of community-driven business to the world at large. Standing on Giants was born.

Combining relentless positivity with dreams of a better future, we now create collaborative communities for bold businesses including Airbnb, O2 UK, Vivo, EEF, Ageas Insurance and Pure Planet.


Driven by vision, enthusiasm (and coffee) our leaders believe in harnessing the positive power of your customers.

Vincent Boon

Vincent Boon


With a background in building communities at Sony PlayStation, I specialise in creating and running branded online communities that bring a touch of magic to the interaction between customer and brand. The result works both ways, with happier customers that feel honestly treated, and more insightful companies that waste less time and money on stuff no one wants.

Robbie Hearn

Robbie Hearn


After 20 years in various consumer-facing roles, I’ve learned that what motivates me is unlocking human potential for the benefit of individuals, organisations and society. That’s what thriving communities offer and that’s why I love coming to work. At giffgaff, our guiding values included humility, respect, and collaboration. These same values flavour everything we do at Standing on Giants.

Paul Keane

Head of Sales

A recent addition to Standing on Giants, I’ve been helping the team to broaden our reach in terms of how we share our community expertise with the wider world, as well as how to to apply it to different industries and types of organisation.

Aurelien Poma

Tech Director

Born in France, I have a Masters in Computer Science and Advanced Mathematics. I spent 10 years leading communities in the gaming industry before joining the team in 2012. I’m passionate about creating a platform that helps community managers have an impact and makes their day-to-day lives easier.

Leanne Loh

Operations Director

Leanne has been an amazing addition to the team, ensuring the business operates effectively and innovatively. Having Leanne on board has enabled the company to grow in the right way and most importantly, to head in the right direction operationally.

Carla Arend

Community Success Lead

Enthusiastic go-to champion woman for community management, super spreadsheets and problem solving. It is Carla’s job to make sure the communities we’re involved with are as successful as possible – for both brand and member.


The largest share of our team is made up of a wonderful group of community managers. We directly manage many communities around the world and across industries.  Having them all in the same place is a real benefit, as they regularly learn from each other, challenge ideas and offer support.

We come from a wide range of backgrounds, hail from nine countries, speak thirteen languages and create amazing branded online communities for our clients. We’re growing rapidly, so if you’re looking for a new role, check out our latest jobs on Linkedin.

Community team

Gabriel Fraga

Chief of Communities

Client facing, ex-journalist, kung-fu king, pragmatist, integrator, relationship and community builder.

Emilie Toche

Community Coordinator

Master dog-spotter, lover of all things peanut butter and TV show binge-watcher eager to keep on expanding my Community expertise.

Elizabeth Hipkins

Community Manager

Cultured outdoorsy art lover – here to raise the tone and bring a healthy splash of positivity.

Tobias Bignell

Community business developer

Gamer and movie fanatic with a passion for creating community strategies for different partners. Each one is so different from the last. Every day is interesting!

Kirstie Read

Community Manager

Multilingual polyglot, cake maker, the magical educator of the team and her community.

Gabriela Chandler

Community Manager

Summertime socialite, source of expertise on user engagement and undisputed queen of chocolate-treat making.

Sergi Mas

Community Manager

Lover of life, the sea, Star Wars and cinema; adds his journalistic touch to the community.

Martin O'Brien

Community Manager

In-house ninja, source of chilled calm, Game of Thrones specialist and champion gamer.

Quincy van Raamsdonk

Community Coordinator

Calm, chilled football lover, fan of seaside rock and endless bowls of cereal.

Marjo Hallapera

Community Manager

Colourful, art-deco tattooed, cat lover, super gamer and community darling.

Technical team

Chris Almond

Platform Delivery Manager

Organised tech god with a hex-coded mind and a surprisingly wide range of circus skills.


Standing on Giants is genuinely different. We’re not corporate. We’re not focused on money. What we’re focused on is making a real change to customer experience. This is what makes us tick.

We are…


Standing on Giants is not a technology-driven company, we are a people-driven company.


We believe in unleashing the untapped potential of our clients, team members and everyone who participates in communities.


We only work with clients who genuinely care about their customers, creating amazing consumer experiences and building successful communities.


We don’t sell. We take the time to listen to our clients and to understand their business in depth.


We won’t work on communities unless we believe they can be truly successful and contribute to the long-term success of our clients.

Honest and open

We are honest and transparent in the way we work. We share our knowledge and understanding openly.


We always treat our clients and team members as partners, ensuring they are supported and connected to the company by clear communication and accountability.


Our communities are positive places! They embrace diversity and contribute to the common good. They are places where members are not exploited, but given the chance to grow and enjoy fulfilment. They positively improve the consumer experience for all!

Working together needn't be work

We’ve got drinks on tap and unlimited coffee. Ready to collaborate with your customers and build a successful community that makes your business better?