Podcast Episode 10 is out: Paul Skinner from MarketingKind

By Lukas on 29 Mar 2023

Can marketing change the world? Paul Skinner, is determined to find out. Paul is the founder of MarketingKind and Pimp My Cause. Both organisations use the power of marketing, and marketers, to make a positive impact across a range of social and environmental issues. Paul is also the author of two books: ‘The Purpose Upgrade’ and ‘Collaborative Advantage’. In this conversation we cover:

  • How a health scare for his father impacted his childhood
  • His uncle, the nuclear physicist, who encouraged him to think differently
  • His thoughts on how we all become less radical with age, and his practice of meditation as a counter current to that
  • How you can get involved in MarketingKind
  • Marketing as a discipline rather than a department within a business
  • How marketing can contribute to so much more than a small set of commercial objectives
  • How human beings choose options that give us a better life story, than life outcome
  • How Collaborative Advantage challenges the dominant narrative of Competitive Advantage as a business strategy
  • How his book ‘The Purpose Upgrade’ challenges the idea of purpose as a fixed goal for an organisation
  • How the pandemic may have helped us to redefine success and be more adaptive in a crisis prone world
  • The story of a coal-mining business which has pivoted to become a food business
  • The early days of Amazon and how the staff negotiated the established book business
  • The steps to take to upgrade your organisation’s purpose
  • How we could learn from the story of ‘Berlin Iron’ from the Prussian war of liberation
  • His advice for implementing radical ideas

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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