Podcast Episode 18 is out: Sarah Jones from Full Circle Funerals

By Lukas on 2 Aug 2023

Many of us are conscious of making better choices in life, but what about better choices in death? Our guest today is Sarah Jones, founder of Full Circle Funerals. As well as offering a wide range of funeral options to suit each individual, Sarah commissioned the first piece of independent research into the environmental impact of the funeral industry. She discusses:

  • The impact of moving around a lot as a child, never spending longer than 2 years at any school
  • The influence of her Dad on her radical nature
  • Her path to funeral directing through vascular surgery and social care
  • The importance of looking after both the person that has died and their family when it comes to funeral care
  • The therapeutic potential of a funeral
  • Her rejection of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to funeral care
  • How she crowdsourced funding from the industry to commission the first independent research into the environmental impact of our funerals
  • The most and least eco-friendly funerals you can have
  • The lack of regulation in the funeral industry
  • How to make cremation (which accounts for more than 70% of body disposal in the UK) more sustainable
  • Her thoughts on whether we are ‘good at dying’ in the UK
  • Her vision of ‘death literacy’ and how we could talk about death, dying and bereavement more openly
  • How to understand grief better and show up for people experiencing it

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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