Podcast Episode 2 is out: Linnea Bywall from Alva Labs

By Lukas on 8 Dec 2022

We all know that getting the best people in the right positions is key to success in business. It’s bad news then, that the latest research shows that hiring is broken. If you’re a woman you need to submit 30% more applications to get to an interview. People of colour need to submit 50% more applications vs their white counterparts. 

Linnea Bywall is Head of People and Operations at Alva Labs – a platform helping businesses hire without the usual CVs, cover letters, and years of experience. Instead, candidates are anonymously assessed on their personality and talents, getting matched with roles accordingly. A trained psychologist and former NCAA athlete, Linnea brings fascinating insights into the world of HR, People and Culture. In this conversation we cover:

  • Her radical athletics coach who inspired her
  • Her background as a psychologist and how that informs her work
  • How identifying your purpose and what matters to you can give you the confidence to take risks and take a stand
  • How from a psychological perspective, the idea of ‘normal’ is fading away
  • The pressure of being in charge of hiring at a company that specialises in hiring
  • Her best practice hiring process with no CVs, cover letters, or years of experience
  • Bringing data into hiring to combat the unreliability of ‘gut feel’
  • How unconscious bias training is great for awareness but unlikely to create real change in company processes

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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