Podcast Episode 20 is out: Kaveh Memari from Sofi Health

By Lukas on 30 Aug 2023

How did you sleep last night? Would you like to sleep better? Chances are you answered that with a resounding yes! Kaveh Memari is the Founder of sofi.health, a startup combining ancient plant medicine with cutting edge A.I. to improve your sleep and state of calm. Through a tailor-made spray, Sofi responds to your ongoing needs and feedback, using machine-learning to adjust dosage and blend as you go. Kaveh discusses:

  • His experience in 10 different schools in 4 different countries before the age of 9
  • The importance of being able to make friends quickly
  • The ‘pandemics pre-pandemic’ of poor sleep and stress
  • How he hopes he’ll ‘never become an adult’ and his approach to ‘play not work’ 
  • His team at Sofi – where everyone is a ‘one off’
  • How the Sofi product was developed with a group of customers ’Pioneers’ 
  • The Sofi product – using ancient plant medicine, combined with cutting edge machine learning and data, to tackle poor sleep and stress
  • How to personalise products at scale
  • The initial pilot with Valerian in 2022 and how they mapped 300 unique responses 
  • The staggering results from their first trial 
  • The potential impact if we could stop prescribing the wrong medication on a global scale
  • The science and safeguards in place to avoid dependency and addiction on Sofi products
  • The Sofi moonshot
  • How he stays resolute in the face of adversity and being told his idea will never work
  • His answer to the moral question of collecting huge amounts of health data 
  • The power of mixing disciplines: from biochemistry to medical herbalism

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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