Podcast Episode 23 is out: Elena DEvis from Deliveroo

By Lukas on 11 Oct 2023

We order over 6 billion takeaways a year in the UK. Many of those are ordered on Deliveroo. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, and operating in 10 countries.  Our guest, Elena Devis, is former Head of Vegan Category at Deliveroo, now a consultant in the plant based space. In this conversation she discusses:

  • Her adventurous spirit from a young age, including travelling overseas by herself at 13
  • Her first exposure to the word ‘vegan’ and the steep learning curve from her meat and fish heavy diet in Valencia, Spain
  • The changes in her health she saw upon going vegan
  • How she feels there’s ‘less ego’ in her decisions now as she’s got older
  • Her pragmatic approach to lifestyle change as opposed to an absolutist approach
  • Her time at Deliveroo over 5 years of huge growth and evolution
  • The importance of great leaders
  • How she created her own role as Head of Vegan Category at Deliveroo
  • Her approach to working with partners to adopt new ideas and new dishes
  • How to fight for the role and projects you want in a large business with the right data, stakeholders, and proposition
  • How ‘being human’ is the most important thing about being a manager
  • How PMS and the menstrual cycle affects women at work and how men can best support their colleagues
  • How her manager’s approach to her PMS was life changing and the importance of menstrual leave
  • Her passion for meditation

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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