Podcast Episode 24 is out: Phill Kalli from Fill Refill

By Lukas on 25 Oct 2023

Is the world waking up to refillable? From local refill stores, to refill stations in supermarkets, the movement is gathering momentum. Ahead of the curve on this was Phill Kalli of FillRefill, a company committed to making cleaning products for home, hair and body that are good for you and the planet. As the name suggests, all of FillRefill’s products are refillable, making them a great example of a circular economy business. 

He discusses:

  • His Dad, a maverick chemist and manufacturer who took on ‘big soapers’
  • How he came to reinvent the family business as a consumer facing brand
  • How a lot of the solutions to our waste problems existed 100 years ago
  • His first career in the music business, managing an up and coming band ‘Vincent Vincent and the Villains’
  • The lessons he’s taken from the music industry into his current work
  • Transforming an established business into a brand fit for the modern age
  • Tough decisions he’s made, including stopping supplying Chlorine Bleach, their biggest selling product 
  • How he avoids feeling insecure about not understanding the chemistry of his business
  • The difference between a FillRefill product and the mass market products in the supermarket – from factory to end consumer
  • His refreshing take on ‘big soap’
  • The decision to make their formulations public and give people the opportunity to buy raw materials and make their own products
  • The latest product he’s really excited about
  • How he feels the Government could do more to support the transition away from single use and support small businesses that are accelerating that 

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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