Podcast Episode 27 is out: Sally Pritchett from Something Big

By Lukas on 6 Dec 2023

a secret husband, being asked to make the tea, creating comms to span 220 countries

Sally runs Something Big, a B Corp, employee-owned agency based in Surrey that punches above its weight. Having won briefs against agency heavyweights like Ogilvy, Something Big specialises in employee communications with a particular focus on DEI initiatives. Clients include DHL, Telefonica, and IAG. In this conversation we discuss:

  • How she’s always been the ‘odd one out’ from her school days
  • Her experience of being the only female in a team of 24 men
  • Why she had to keep her relationship with her husband secret for over a decade
  • How she’s embraced being uncool in an agency world of cool people
  • The significance of turning 50 for her
  • Her work at Something Big and their specialism in employee comms, workplaces, and DEI
  • Her personal connection to DEI through her experience as a woman in a male-dominated workplace
  • How the Barbie movie signifies a huge amount of progress in gender equality, but also highlights how there’s more to do
  • How to run DEI programmes in a huge company that spans 220 countries
  • How to build a client relationship 25 years long
  • What it takes to be the world’s best workplace
  • The problem with agencies who are ‘in it for themselves’ rather than for the client
  • Winning a brief against Ogilvy
  • The piece of work she’s most proud of
  • The nuts and bolts of employee ownership
  • Building psychological safety in her business by example
  • Dismantling a blame culture
  • The potential commercial windfall from looking after people properly
  • How community building could improve our society through citizen engagement

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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