Podcast Episode 29 is out: Bronwen Foster-Butler from Finisterre

By Lukas on 3 Jan 2024

a dramatic birth, cold-water surfing, saving our seas…

Surf’s up! Often called the ‘British Patagonia’, Finisterre are one of the most respected names in sustainable fashion. Headquartered in St Agnes, Cornwall, Finisterre produce long-lasting, repairable products inspired by the sea. We’re joined by CMO Bronwen Foster-Butler for this episode. She discusses:

  • The dramatic circumstances of her birth in the Canadian wilderness
  • The effect of having a peculiar name and how she ‘likes to play in the edges’ of life
  • How she became a parent to a daughter during COVID and how that provided an impetus to become more radical 
  • Her experience in a previous role of being asked ‘whether she wanted a promotion, or to become a parent’
  • Finisterre’s approach to flexibility and inclusion
  • Working for a boss who is a CEO and a RNLI helmsman
  • Her commitment to ‘how you get the job done’ not ‘when you get the job done’
  • ‘Sea Tuesdays’ – where the whole team get an hour to connect with the sea
  • The founding story of Finisterre and the mission to create products that serve cold-water surfers, whilst preserving the ocean
  • The very first product the founder, Tom, created
  • Their partnership with the last Merino Wool shepherd in the U.K.
  • How the wetsuit industry is partly responsible for ‘Cancer Alley’ in the USA, with the production of chloroprene – connected to Neoprene
  • How they are reinventing wetsuits, moving away from petrochemical neoprene, to YULEX rubber
  • Launching the world’s first YULEX wetsuit rental programme
  • Finisterre’s repair service – a challenge to fast fashion
  • The shocking reality of where most of our charity shop clothes go
  • Her reaction to the U.K. government rolling back environmental policy
  • Dealing with Climate Anxiety
  • Her approach to leading her team through their Pride campaign, in the face of online trolling

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