Podcast Episode 3 is out: Our very own Robbie Hearn

By Lukas on 21 Dec 2022

Robbie Hearn founded Standing on Giants with Vincent Boon after the two met on the startup team at giffgaff. A disruptor in the UK telco market, giffgaff was founded in 2009 on the ‘little bit radical’ idea to have no call centres, no stores, just an online community. What followed was beyond Robbie and Vincent’s wildest dreams. This community of customers would answer each other’s support questions, refer new customers, solve technical issues and even generate marketing material. 

Inspired, they founded Standing on Giants to bring this innovative community-first model to other businesses. Standing on Giants now works with household names like Airbnb, O2, Lenovo, Heineken and Tesco Bank to build thriving online communities of customers, employees, and stakeholders. In this conversation Robbie discusses:

  • A radical move in his childhood that built resilience 
  • His ambition to become more radical as he gets older (like Willie Nelson)
  • How President Obama’s election campaign inspired giffgaff
  • The power of ‘Customer Respect’
  • How the giffgaff community saved the company by manufacturing and distributing 150,000 micro-sims 
  • What inspired him to co-found his own company
  • His proudest moment as a company founder
  • The B Corp movement and making Standing on Giants a ‘different kind of business’
  • Growing a company without taking external investment
  • How he would shake up politics
  • ‘Leap and the net will appear’: a mantra for turning your idea into a reality

Want to appear? Email podcast@standingongiants.com

You can listen to the podcast here:

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