Podcast Episode 30 is out: Amy Polly from Mindfulness Rebel

By Lukas on 17 Jan 2024

mental health for firefighters and myth-busting mindfulness…

Amy Polly is the self-styled ‘Mindfulness Rebel’. In a world of very serious, very blue, mental health information, she is a welcome shot of pink. She’s the former Strategic Lead for Mental Health & Wellbeing for the Fire Service, and has since worked with organisations like Heineken, Bupa, Sweaty Betty, National Grid and many others. She’s on a mission to make mindfulness more accessible and inclusive and joins us for this conversation where we discuss:

  • Her grandfather’s addiction to alcohol and how it informed her behaviour to always try and make people smile
  • The importance of her supportive parents and having a support network
  • How she’s embraced thinking differently as an adult
  • How she left a solid, 19 year career in accountancy to start working for herself in mindfulness and wellbeing
  • The shift she felt working for the Fire Service, contributing to a bigger picture 
  • The extreme challenges of creating wellbeing programmes in the Fire Service
  • The measures she brought in to support fire fighters
  • The basics of creating a mentally healthy workforce and how it’s not the things you might think
  • Her connection to mindfulness and how it became a passion of hers as a proactive measure for wellbeing
  • Personal days and bringing the human elements to business
  • How Mindfulness isn’t ‘hippy dippy stuff’, it’s brain training
  • Some myth busting around Mindfulness
  • Amy leads Rob through a mindfulness exercise 
  • Rob’s reflections after the exercise
  • Her advice to leaders for embedding wellbeing in their businesses
  • How motherhood is the hardest thing she’s ever done and her ‘Mindfulness for Mums’ programme
  • The loneliness of being a mum and the taboo of talking about birth trauma
  • Rob shares a rather unfortunate parenting story and how it informed his perspective on parents in business
  • The ‘return to the office’ push and the potential negative impacts for some of the workforce

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