Podcast Episode 33 is out: Richard Dickson from Play It Green

By Lukas on 28 Feb 2024

Neurodiversity, the power of turning the tap off, MMA in your 40s

Richard Dickson, co-founder of Play It Green, discusses the importance of questioning the status quo. He shares his experience with neurodiversity and how it has shaped his perspective. Richard also talks about becoming more radical and overcoming challenges in his personal and professional life, including stepping into the MMA ring in his 40s. He introduces Play It Green and its mission to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint, repair the planet through tree planting, and re-gift funds to good causes.


  • Sustainable Business and Neurodiversity Journey
  • Creating a Climate Positive Workforce
  • Promoting Sustainability in Business Communities
  • Systemic Change for a Sustainable Future

Want to appear? Email podcast@standingongiants.com

You can listen to the podcast here:

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