Podcast Episode 35 is out: Jo Haywood from Skylark Media

By Lukas on 27 Mar 2024

planet-focused storytelling, the personal price of campaigning

In this conversation, Jo Haywood, founder of Skylark Media, discusses her journey as a former BBC producer and her mission to use video as a force for good. She shares her early inspiration from her biologist mother and her desire to make a positive impact on the environment. Jo reflects on her work producing groundbreaking films on climate change in the early 90s and the challenges of raising awareness at a time when few people cared about the issue. She then explains how she founded Skylark with the goal of changing the purpose of business to prioritise people and the planet. Jo highlights some of Skylark’s impactful campaigns and videos, including their work with Buglife and their films on hydrogen power.

Jo discusses her award-winning collaborations, the importance of building a different type of media business, and the value of B Corp certification. She shares insights on overcoming established thinking, empowering employees, and the need for radical innovative thinking. Jo also emphasises the importance of finding happiness without consuming power and the need to educate women for a more sustainable society. Her advice for someone with a radical idea is to be ready, shoot, and aim, and to not get caught up in overthinking and delaying action.

Key takeaways from this conversation:

  • Video can be a powerful tool for storytelling and raising awareness about important issues.
  • The mission and values of a business should come before the work. It’s important to have a clear story and purpose behind your work.
  • The environmental movement has gained traction over the years, and businesses are now recognising the value of incorporating sustainability into their messaging.
  • Videos have the potential to make a significant impact, whether it’s securing funding for a cause or influencing government decisions. Collaborations and awards can bring recognition and success in the media industry.
  • Building a different type of media business requires a systemised approach and a focus on customer service.
  • B Corp certification can lead to positive changes in working practices and a more sustainable business.
  • Overcoming established thinking and giving everyone a voice can foster innovative thinking and drive positive change.
  • Finding happiness without consuming power and educating women are important for a more sustainable society.

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