Podcast Episode 4 is out: Vineeta Greenwood from Wholegrain Digital

By Lukas on 4 Jan 2023

If the internet was a country, it would be the 6th biggest consumer of energy on earth. If you’re thinking about reducing the carbon footprint of your business, have you thought about your company website? 

Vineeta Greenwood is the co-founder of Wholegrain Digital – an agency helping businesses build low-carbon websites. She’s also the co-founder of websitecarbon.com, a simple calculator to evaluate the emissions of any website on the internet. 

In this conversation, Vineeta talks about:

  • The influence of her father and mother on her radical approach to business
  • The importance of failure in business for building resilience
  • Her journey to becoming more radical as an adult
  • Starting a business with her life partner and best friend Tom
  • Using a first principles approach to website design
  • Her people-first approach to leadership and being ‘picky’ with who to hire
  • Leading the mission to lower the emissions of the internet
  • The future of the internet
  • Her passion for composting toilets!

Want to appear? Email podcast@standingongiants.com

You can listen to the podcast here:

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