Podcast Episode 41 is out: Hannah Keartland from Keartland & Co

By Lukas on 19 Jun 2024

Are Finance Directors the secret to sustainability?

Hannah Keartland, an outsourced Chief Impact Officer, discusses the importance of flexibility and adaptation in achieving impact goals. Hannah also highlights the role of inclusive culture in driving sustainability and innovation.

She shares her journey from the finance sector to impact-focused work and the importance of financial sustainability in the charity sector. Hannah provides insights into the financial argument for creating social and environmental impact and the role of finance directors in driving change. She concludes by discussing her work as an outsourced Chief Impact Officer, helping businesses navigate their responsible business journey.

The conversation explores the importance of understanding the full impact of leadership decisions and taking responsibility for reducing negative impacts and increasing positive impacts. It highlights the need for leaders in politics and business to consider the ripple effects of their actions. The lack of responsibility in business leadership is also discussed, with examples of companies not following through on sustainability policies. The conversation concludes with advice on getting started with radical ideas, emphasising the importance of research, connecting with others, and staying true to one’s vision.


  • Flexibility and adaptation are crucial in goal setting and achieving long-term success.
  • Inclusive culture and diverse teams are essential for driving sustainability and innovation.
  • Financial sustainability is crucial for organisations to make a lasting impact.
  • Finance directors play a vital role in creating sustainable businesses and driving change.
  • Governance and leadership are key drivers of systemic change for sustainability.

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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