Podcast Episode 5 is out: George Amodio from Doing Good Works

By Lukas on 18 Jan 2023

Doing Good Works is a business that aims to tackle not one, but two huge issues in our society. First, they create sustainable branded merchandise, tackling the huge waste from corporate events, brand giveaways and company ‘stash’. The way they do it is even more exciting – providing opportunities to those who’ve been through the foster system. 30% of their workforce at any one time, is made up of former foster youth. 

In this conversation we’re joined by George Amodio, Director of International Relations for Doing Good Works. He discusses:

  • His reflections on his own privilege and a journey of discovery to becoming aware of ‘little bit radical’ ideas
  • Using the internet to grow his compassion
  • The unusual story of how he came to be employed at Doing Good Works via Vietnam and COVID
  • The founding story of Doing Good Works
  • The mission of the company to find employment for former foster youth
  • The little bit radical approach to company swag at Doing Good Works
  • How to approach hiring a diverse range of talent and the support companies can offer to disadvantaged groups
  • The astonishing statistics around people who’ve been through the foster system
  • How he believes public transport is the key to sustainable travel, not electric cars or self-driving cars

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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