Podcast Episode 6 is out: Alan Mahon from Brewgooder

By Lukas on 1 Feb 2023

Drink beer, give water. This is the simple idea behind Brewgooder, a craft beer using its profits to support clean water projects in the developing world. To date, Brewgooder drinkers have funded over 100 million litres of clean drinking water. They’re a certified B Corp and were named as a ‘Best for the World’ company in 2022. In this conversation, we’re joined by Alan Mahon, founder and executive chair of Brewgooder. He discusses:

  • How his Mum was an inspiration to him growing up
  • How a disaster on holiday and his first job at a sandwich shop led to the idea for Brewgooder
  • His evolution from ‘naive founder’ to ‘informed idealist’ 7 years into the business
  • Brewgooder’s position as a purpose-led brand and how they have influenced the wider industry
  • ‘Beerwashing’ not ‘Greenwashing’
  • The future of the B Corp movement
  • The collaborative model at the heart of Brewgooder 
  • His idea for the next generation to be equipped and educated as much in their own mental health and values, as in functional academic skills
  • His advice for people starting their own purpose-led businesses

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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