Podcast Episode 7 is out: Anne-Charlotte Mornington from Olio

By Lukas on 15 Feb 2023

Food waste. An issue that is becoming almost impossible to ignore, and for good reason. Some studies estimate that 2.5 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year. That’s enough for 5.8 TRILLION meals. Olio, is an app using the power of community to tackle this huge problem. Olio connects you with your local community to share excess food through an easy-to-use app, for free. Olio has facilitated the sharing of 75 million portions of food in 62 countries to date. We’re joined by Anne-Charlotte Mornington, Olio’s Head of Impact and founding team member. She discusses:

  • How learning about history inspired her to make the world a better place and create a lasting impact
  • The importance of identifying your strengths and sticking with them, as opposed to focussing on learning new skills
  • How Olio works and the impact created by the app’s users to date
  • Some of the amazing stories of people connecting through the Olio app
  • Her role as Head of Impact
  • Her 2 big projects at Olio, involving carbon credits and food insecurity studies
  • What a ‘carbon credit’ is and how new financial and legal imperatives for climate action are around the corner
  • Her desire for every job to be a climate job
  • The 8 million people in the UK who are food insecure and how Olio’s data is supporting critical research
  • The need for aspirational and joyful experiences in climate action to move away from ‘climate anxiety’
  • The importance of community in creating solutions for the world’s biggest problems

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