Rob Fawkes on the World Changers Podcast

By Lukas on 15 Aug 2022

Community is still a riddle to a lot of people so we are always more than happy to shed some light on it. This time our very own head of sales and marketing, Rob Fawkes spoke to the lovely guys from the World Changers podcast.

Inspired by their annual trend report, World Changers explores the events, themes and behaviours impacting our world of work. In the series they take a monthly dive into a topic from the report, discuss their predictions and talk with industry experts to get their take.

This episode is all about digital – the saviour of remote working. When the world turned upside down, we embraced digital fast, too fast! Many organisations didn’t deliver it well. And now digital has a real image problem. But if we look at digital as an experience, instead of just another set of channels, it has the potential to revolutionise how we network and collaborate at work.

Rob and Elle from World Changers discuss the parallels between internal and external communities and how organisations can harness the power of community to achieve next-level employee engagement.

You can find the podcast here or listen to the episode below.

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