Empowering you to build a thriving community that puts your customers at the centre of everything you do.

Consultancy – operational, strategic and bespoke

We apply our knowledge to your community project regardless of where you are in your process – launching, re-evaluating focus, needing to grow or even if you’re having trouble with achieving what you need to operationally in day-to-day management. We have a few pre-set sessions such as the ones below, but also design bespoke sessions based on your needs. Every community is different, as is our approach to each client.

> Purpose & Goals

Ensuring your community is serving the purpose it needs to benefit your organisation – Whether you’re starting out, or need to re-focus your existing community.

> Pre-Launch Purpose & Goals


> Purpose & Goals Refresh

> Preparing to Commit

If your community’s purpose & goals are clear, you’ll need to ensure the rest of the business supports your strategy. We’ll take you through a 13-step process that ensures your organisation is ready and prepared to make your community project thrive.

> Highly-engaged members (HeMs)

Creating and maintaining a group of community advocates can allow you to achieve amazing customer-led results. In this session we’ll take you through our award-winning HeM methodology.

> Direct Messaging

One of the primary reasons why we have had such success at giffgaff, Airbnb and beyond is due to our direct messaging methodology. For us, this is an essential practise for any thriving community. We’ll take you through our methodology in this session and how it will benefit your community management team.

Training and Mentoring

We want each and every community we work with to be one of the best.

Our training course takes you through all the steps needed to be a competent and effective community manager. Depending on the level of experience you need, we supply 4 day and 8 day workshops, using our proven expertise to ensure your CM starts off in the right way.

Our mentoring is slightly different. This service is all about providing support and education while you’re working in your community. We take the experiences we have had in live settings (at both large and small organisations and apply best practices into our mentoring with you. We assess where you are now, what you want to achieve and provide recommendations regularly throughout a pre-agreed period. We have 3-month, 6-month and annual packages.

Full community management

We built the giffgaff community which is still thriving after a decade, using our unique methodology. Our community management  brings benefit to each partner we work with РJust look at some of our case studies.

We’ll work with your organisation to ensure your community gets off to the best start under our management. We’ll collaborate with marketing, customer support and top-level teams so that the community feels like a native asset for your members that seamlessly integrates itself into your wider portfolio. Our syndicate of community managers work together, sharing ideas and constantly improving, meaning that your community will benefit from cutting-edge community management strategy at all times.

Our community platform

Through our team’s collective experience, we have learnt what is important in a successful community platform. We’ve built ours with that mindset when thinking about features, options, APIs and navigation. We know what community managers need in their crucial day-day work, so we’ve worked hard on ensuring you can record the activity stats you need to analyse and report on to the wider business. We’ve also worked hard to ensure our platform records metrics that you can use to make qualitative assessment of community behaviour, as well as quantitative.

Let us help you launch in the best way...