Podcast Episode 31 is out: Holly Kragiopolous from North Star Coffee

By Lukas on 31 Jan 2024

Will we run out of coffee by 2050?

How much coffee have you drunk today? We had the pleasure of sitting down with Holly Kragiopoulos, co-founder of Northstar Coffee, who shared her powerful story of forging a new path for the coffee industry amid looming shortages and environmental challenges. Our conversation traversed her personal journey, from the influence of her father’s research to her transformative experiences in Australia, and how these have shaped her approach to the business and parenthood.

We discuss:

  • Rethinking Coffee, Work, and Parenthood
  • Coffee Supply Chain and Motivation
  • Challenges Facing the Coffee Industry
  • The Impact of B Corp Accreditation
  • Importance of Empathy and Accountability

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You can listen to the podcast here:

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