“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

What if your customers were at the heart of your company?

What if your customers tested your marketing campaigns?

What if your customers could promote and sell for your brand?

What if your customers suggested new products?

What if your customers gave you a unique competitive edge?

Every company aims to be better, more successful – to see further and to unlock the potential of their product. At Standing on Giants, we believe branded online communities allow companies to do just that. With an online community thriving at the heart of your business, you can harness the intelligence, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of your consumers, raising your performance far above your competitors.

Powered by a successful community, you are effectively Standing on Giants.



Customers can help your company in ways you never realised. Wouldn’t it be cool if they supported you with customer service, product development, marketing and PR, technical support, and even sales? It’s all possible. Build a community where company and customers collaborate, and everybody wins. It gives customers a chance to make a difference, and allows you to tap their full potential, adding to the overall value of your brand.

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A community is more than just a platform. It’s about people. Over the years, we’ve refined three ever-so-tasty ingredients that will fully integrate customers into your business. Our secret sauce combines technology, consultation (to define your objectives and processes) and the best team of community managers this side of the Internet. Underpinned by our awesome philosophy (it’s won awards and everything) we’ll break down the process into five bite size chunks, making it as pain-free as possible. The end result is a healthy, positive and fully integrated community that will transform the way you do business forever. Take it from us – you won’t look back.

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