Last month I was lucky enough to attend the important event about Customer Experience Management in Argentina, where experienced speakers participated and offered a very productive and interesting day.

There has never been a bigger challenge in the marketing sector than customer service management. The message in this event was clear from beginning to end:


CEM 2016

Then, clients will be happy because they will finally feel that they are being listened to, whereas the company gets a stronger and more trustful relationship with them.

José Estuardo Robles, International Business Developer, had the honour of starting talking about the importance of IT as part of a marketing strategy, as nowadays, people prefer to solve their problems on the internet rather than by phone. To truly listen to the needs of the customers, it will be necessary to improve the whole process to get their satisfaction and, simultaneously, guarantee the success of the company.

A few speakers showed some studies which reinforced this idea:

CEM 2016Also, in another curious study, it was reflected that “33% of survey respondents would rather clean a dirty bathroom to speak with an agent“… there is no a clearer example.

Also, in another curious study, it was reflected that “33% of survey respondents would rather clean a dirty bathroom to speak with an agent“… there is no a clearer example.

Consumers have reinvented the customer services world. They are more intelligent and capable than ever, they got the market map had been modified. Luciano Pintos, from Molinos´ Communication and Advertising Department, reminded us that there is no any formula for success, and the key is learning every day and being dynamic, forget our fear to fail.

His company´s success lies in improving the human relationship between them and the customers, take care of and understand it. Strategies such as making contests or raffles do not really create strong relationships. By contrast, when you forget about the purely advertising aspect to focus on daily life, people feel identified and they get involved. “The problem, mainly, is that we always are afraid of leaving our comfort zone to put ourselves in our clients´ shoes.”

Luciano´s idea would be reinforced by the performance of Paula Sarria and Paula Ravarino, from Movistar Argentina, who in collaboration with Standing on Giants, manage their official forum.

Their message was clear: “Do not be afraid to fail, your customers will appreciate being listened to“. This strategy generates real passionate users about your brand, Brand Lovers. They illustrated their success through case studies, which left an impact on every guest of the Customer Experience Management event.

Asier Bollar , Marketing Director of Aspect in Latin America, based his presentation on a simple point which should not be ignored. 1 of 3 customers leaves a company because of a bad experience. “We must be aware that the relationships with our customers are not for forever, but can be longer than shorter depending on how much our strategy keep in mind their needs. To do so, he proposes to facilitate any processes through an intelligent multichannel system, where customer service would be simple, quick and satisfying. Functionality plays a fundamental role. Customers want to be looked after too, have fun and socialize. Non bidirectional channels are not important anymore as clients do not get useful answers when needed.


And the main question is …

Where do we place our customers in our strategy?

The objective of the Customer Experience Management 2015 was to highlight the idea that our community should remain exactly in the center, as they will decide the success of our company.

You may find that many of the marketing strategies are focused on getting new customers, but it is important not forget to look after those ones you already have. Interesting examples of companies like giffgaff, came to fore, who has demonstrated the emotional connection works better than another kind of contract. Benefits of this strategy for clients and company are important, such as:

A community generates potential Brand Lovers and stands up for you in difficult times. They got involved and feel part of the brand. This does not mean they ignore any mistake from the company, they still have their critical side, but the positive is these criticisms will be always in a constructive way.
The community has more power than single individuals and their multiplier effect will be shown on the success.
Communities create quality content about your products or services, and this will be useful for the customer acquisition.
Focus group option. You can take into account valuable ideas from our customer to improve as a company.
In this attempt to improve and offer to your customers the best of you, it is important, we keep constantly updated in terms of technology advances. Dermaglós, the cosmetics company, was shown as an example as it had to improve its mobile site by 46 % of their traffic coming from mobile devices.

Agustin Perez, from Google, also underlined the importance of mobile sites. “Nowadays, we do not have an online and offline world, this world is now just one and our mobile is our personal assistant for every daily task we may have… this is why we should keep in mind to facilitate the user’s simple tasks like making our website loads quickly on your mobile device, immediately.”

Customer Experience Management: How a community is built

To create a solid community must meet several requirements: We often think that just with technology we can launch a community and success, but the truth is that without integration in the business and a good daily management of the community and its members, this it is not possible.

As a company, we may be afraid of strong criticisms, but freedom of expression is something that cannot be avoided. An experienced and trained community manager, who is in charge of educating users, dealing with them and listen to their needs, will be the key to success.

Is it too late for a company to launch its own community?

The answer is “no”. There are traditional companies that have created their marketing strategies focused on its product (product-centric). Companies of financial and energy sectors are commonly known as some of them.But far from thinking that they cannot improve sentiment towards their company because “they have spent many years in the market and everything is consolidated,” the truth is that they really can. Is the case of Banco Galicia, who had to redefine the strategy following their users’ requests, finally opting for a mouldable product which can be modified depending on needs.

All consumer experiences could be improved, always adapting them to the needs and tastes of the clients. Technology and strategies may change, but we must never forget to keep creating real long-term relationships with our customers listening to them and placing them at the centre of our marketing strategy.


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