Using methodology to turn the Movistar community into a content creation machine


With over 16 million customers, Movistar Argentina is one of the largest telecom providers in Argentina. In 2014, the South American giant contacted Standing on Giants to help them relaunch their brand owned community, which up until this moment had been merely utilised as a customer service channel.

The Standing on Giants team’s mission was to rebuild the entire site from scratch and to transform a costly Q&A customer service channel into a successful P2P community.

The results of our methodology came to light surprisingly quickly: in less than three months, 90% of all content was community generated and the community members took responsibility for answering all help questions. A radical change in behaviour also followed as previously angry customers were gradually transformed into positive helpers: within the first year, the community alone produced over 120 guides, 60 product reviews and 30 blog posts.

What was the secret behind this dramatic transformation? How did the Standing on Giants team turn a problem/complaints-led community into a group of positive helpers and content creators?

The Movistar Community Generated Content Worth


In the First Year Alone 

*based on commercial copywriting rates 


When Movistar Argentina first launched their community, they saw it as just another support channel. The logic behind the site was simple: customers would post their problems and agents would provide the answers.

This model proved difficult to deliver effective results for two reasons: first, the community was soon flooded with problems and angry customers, and second, each question turned into a customer service ticket, adding more cost and stress to an already overstretched support team.

After a couple of years, it became obvious that this model was unsustainable. While Movistar was trying to figure out the future of their community, they came across giffgaff and Standing on Giants and were impressed. They came to us with a clear mission: to turn an expensive and negative customer service forum into a healthy community run by their customers.


The community launch was in November 2014. After just a couple of months and with the support of a very thorough education programme, Movistar’s customers started to gradually transform into what we call members. What does this mean? The difference between a customer and a member is quite straightforward: when the former talks to your company, it’s normally because of a problem or a complaint, whereas the latter spends most of their time when interacting with the company trying to help it improve.

To Movistar’s surprise, there actually existed a large number of helpers within their customer base – they just needed to be found and awakened. Sooner rather than later a group of Highly Engaged Members (HEMs) took responsibility for their community by handling most queries and creating a very healthy amount of how-to guides, product reviews and tech blogs. More importantly, they were happy.



In the First Year 


Product Reviews

In the First Year 


Blog Posts

In the First Year 



Within the first year, Movistar’s HEMs created over 120 guides, helping members with a variety of issues, such as how to download their bills, manage their accounts, configure their mobile phones and fix their home Internet – these guides received over 1 million visits in year one alone.

While some members were busy creating guides, others were focused on testing new mobile phones and writing reviews. This group was so prolific that we launched a phone-lending programme called “Try The Tech”. The only thing Movistar had to do was to make phones available for the community and our members ended up doing the rest. They produced text and photo reviews, infographics, phone comparison blogs, vlogs…. At some point, the official Movistar blog was run almost entirely by their members.

Below is an example of the type of materials the Movistar community came up with :


The community was creating so much content that it became a struggle to keep track of it all. At the end of 2015, we had over 2 million impressions on Google and organic traffic was through the ceiling. All in all, between guides, product reviews and tech blogs, we estimate that the community was generating £108000 just in content (this excludes customer service savings).

In just about two years, the Movistar community became the most successful P2P brand-owned community in South America.

2 Million



on Google


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